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Version 1.9 of TwoToJazz is now available on the App Store

New Features and Enhancements:

- Two Cartoon brushes added to bundle "Artsy Brushes". - Two extra User-Defined Brushes added to bundle "Advanced Edit and Animate Tools". - Improved line smoothing. - The highlighting of buttons now better inform the user of the current mode.

- Shapes cut out with the scissors tool are now automatically selected right after being cutout. Make sure not to press the delete (X) button after cutting out a piece to select it, as that will delete the automatically selected cutout.

- Introduction of transparent cutouts. The opacity of the current color determines the opacity of a shape cut out with the scissors tool. Changing the opacity of a cutout piece is done the same way that the color of a drawn object is changed: select the piece, change the opacity of the current color as needed, open the palette tool and press the color-change button (next to the eye drop tool).

- Introduction of One-Touch Multiplication. You can now multiply a selected object using only one touch. This instantly gives you the ability to define and use brush elements on demand, without having to first add them to the brush menu. Simply select an object as a brush, enter Copy mode, and use one touch to make strokes with it. When using one-finger multiplication, the size and orientation of the multiplied object is fixed.

- Introduction of new functionality in Zoom mode. When in Zoom mode, a new toolbar with a number of buttons appears on top of the screen. You can enable/disable rotation of the canvas using the Rotate button. If there is a background image, you can Lock it so that it moves together with your drawing, or unlock it to move the drawing over the background. If you have a background image, pressing the Reset button will reset the position of the background image to fit it on the screen, and will also move your drawing if it is Locked to the background. Pressing x2 will zoom in on the center of your canvas with a magnification of two. Pressing the SetHome button will mark the current configuration of your background image and your drawing as Home. At any time later, for example after you have zoomed in to add fine details, you can go back to Zoom mode and press GoHome to go back to your last selected home configuration. The new zoom features make drawing at multiple zoom scales and going back to your selected home configuration much easier.

- Introducing a new look for the Opacity button. When you rub the opacity button to change opacity, the change is now reflected on the button itself. For better visibility, the slider now always shows the current color as a solid color.

- Animation Settings are now accessible to you right when you press the Animation button. - Faster animation. - Removed app icon from animation videos. - Addition of a new Animation setting, called Stretch. When on, shapes get stretched during animation.

- Consolidation of the Share and Save features, so that they are now both accessible from the Save button.

- Simplification of the steps required for adding a background image to your drawing. - A shorter Settings menu, mainly focused on less frequently used two-finger brush settings. - New color scheme in the Collection and Library area.


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The image titled "TwoToJazz Exhibition" includes works created and contributed by the following artists: Shamim Afzal, Albert Hui, Nini Tevez Lapuz, Abbas Zaffar, Victoria Cooper, and Vida Vakil.

TwoToJazz Tune is composed and produced by Amin Assadi.

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