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TwoToJazz Version 1.7, MultiMedia Entertainment

TwoToJazz is now a MultiMedia Entertainment App!

With version 1.7, now available, TwoToJazz has achieved a milestone, literally bringing Jazz to TwoToJazz!

Here is the break down of what's new in version 1.7: - Configurable Animation and Color Variation Modes - HD Video Capture of Animation - iTunes Music Play during Animation - Direct Access to Demo and Tutorial Videos in YouTube Channel of TwoToJazz!

And here's a detailed description of what's new in version 1.7:

- New Animation Configurations: Five different modes of Animation: Jiggle, Dance, Animate, Scramble, and Colorize. Each of these modes can be combined with Color or Gradient Variations. Configure animation using a picker wheel in the Settings Menu.

- Video Capture of Animation: TwoToJazz can now automatically capture HD videos of your animated artwork and save them into your camera roll. Simply turn on "Save Animation Video" switch in the Settings. When you stop an animation, and to make sure its video capture completes, wait until the busy indicator on the Animation button stops before switching to another application. Note that in general the more complex your drawing is the slower the animation will be, and certain settings like Shadowed Strokes, Gradient Variations, and/or Video Capture further reduce the speed of animation. However, the frame rate of the captured video is fixed. To make longer videos, let the animation run longer accordingly. - To preserve the HD quality of a captured video when sharing on Facebook, make sure in your iPad's Settings you have turned on "Upload HD" setting in Facebook/Settings, and upload the video to Facebook from within the Facebook App, rather than from iPad's Photos App. Otherwise, the best way to share your captured video on social media is to transfer it to a computer and share it from there. - iTunes Music Play During Animation: This new feature literally brings Jazz to TwoToJazz, by letting you play your favorite music from right within the app when you animate your own artwork. Simply turn on “Play iTunes Music” switch in the Settings for your drawing and now you get to pick a song to play from your iTunes collection when you animate your drawing. - Access to TwoToJazz Tutorial Videos: You now have direct access to TwoToJazz tutorial videos in its Store/Help section. Simply press the “Watch Video” button right below the mini canvas in the Help/Store section, and you get to pick and watch any of the tutorial videos on TwoToJazz's YouTube channel—-and only these ad-free videos—-right inside the app. Internet connection is required. - Updated and Improved Help Section.

- Note that TwoToJazz animation videos are in landscape mode. For your portrait drawings, you can rotate the video using an app like "Rotate & Flip".

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