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TwoToJazz version 1.5, The Video

Introducing User Defined Brushes, and Gradient Color Animation.

In this video, the User Defined Brushes were used to draw the flowers and grass before Shadowed Strokes setting was turned on. You notice that the flowers/grass is rather dense. If you turn on the Shadowed Strokes before drawing with the User Defined Brushes, then the marks you make will be less dense, because drawing with shadows takes more time. But that may be exactly what you want: a texture that is less dense, and the ability to better control and see the individual marks with the help of the shadows.

Note that Gradient Colors work only with objects that are "filled" with color by TwoToJazz. For example the two-finger calligraphy brush used in this video to write the word Hello creates an object that is filled with color. The free-style brush used to draw the flower is another example. In contrast, there are brushes in TwoToJazz (like the one used to create the grass) that draw only lines that could be thin or think, but have no filled area. Line-based objects do change colors during color animation, but with no gradient effect. The brush on the bottom of the one-finger menu is also a simple line brush with no fill and thus does not show the gradient effect.

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