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User Defined Brushes

TwoToJazz version 1.5 introduces a brand new and exciting feature called User Defined Brushes. You can now define your own one-finger brushes! All it takes is drawing a simple object and adding it to the one-finger brush menu, from which you can then select any of your user defined brushes and draw with. You can use this feature to add texture to your drawings, and create a more painterly look, especially when used with Shadowed Strokes.

The image below is a screenshot of a TwoToJazz drawing in Animation Mode, with both "Shadowed Strokes", and "Animate Colors" settings turned on. The many different foliage and texture in this work were created using user-defined brushes.

The new user defined brushes are added to the existing "Advanced Edit and Animate Tools" In-App Purchase bundle. They are located on the right column of the one-finger brush menu.

To add a new user defined brush, or replace an old one, follow these steps: (1) draw a simple object, (2) select the object, (3) open the one-finger brush menu and press +, (4) tap on a user-defined brush you'd like to replace; the brush is now added to your brush menu and you can select it at any time and draw with it. You can control the size of the brush with the slider, and change its color and opacity as usual.

Please use this feature judiciously, as overuse of it in a given drawing can slow down edit/zoom/autosave actions that require redrawing of all of the objects at full resolution.


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