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TwoToJazz Version 1.4 now available in the App Store

Version 1.4 of TwoToJazz is now available in the App Store. This was a major effort to improve your experience working with TwoToJazz. And here are what you will notice right away: - Significant improvement in speed and smoothness when moving or scaling objects. The resolution of a selected object may be temporarily reduced if it is scaled up, but once the object is deselected it goes back to its full resolution. - Color opacity is now preserved when you select one of the main 8 colors or use them to mix colors. This allows you to keep the opacity fixed as you change/mix colors until you either explicitly change the current opacity using the Opacity button, or select a previously saved color from the color palette, or pick the color of a selected object.

Some tips:

- After you select an object, if you want to move or scale it first try to move it just a little bit with one finger. This will signal to the app your intention, and it may take a split second to release the object. Once the object is released you can freely move/scale it. Once you are done with your move/scaling, deselect the object and it will get back to its full resolution.

- Colors are much more beautiful when they are not 100% opaque, and that is because when transparent brush strokes overlap each other the top ones show through the colors of the bottom ones, and that creates nice color combinations. We highly recommend that when you start a new drawing, you reduce the opacity of your brush using the opacity button (simply rub the button to reduce the opacity). As you change/mix colors, the opacity will stay the same until you explicitly change it again.

Have fun!

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