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TwoToJazz Cartoon Brush

Children's drawings are so adorable! We figure it's partly because of their wiggly imperfect strokes! So, we have added yet another cool feature to TwoToJazz, The Cartoon Brush! Anything you draw with it, looks cute and adorable as if drawn by a child!

TwoToJazz Cartoon Brush is introduced in version 1.3, and is available when both "Jazzy Brushes" and "Artsy Brushes" are unlocked. This option turns the one-finger version of Artsy Brush 1 into a cartoonish brush. To enable the cartoon brush, turn on "Left Handed" switch in the settings. Now, when you use one-finger Artsy Brush 1 (the second brush from bottom of the Narrow-Brush menu) your strokes will be wiggly and cartoonish.

No pun intended! In a future release, we will give this Cartoon Brush its own icon in the Narrow-Brush menu!

#cartoonbrush #wigglybrushstrokes

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