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Multiplication in TwoToJazz: from simple lines to complex, yet organic, shapes and patterns

To multiply in TwoToJazz, you won't need a calculator! Here's all it takes: Draw a curly line, press the Copy button and then move two fingers on the surface of your iPad. To do circular patterns, hold one finger fixed at the center of your circle and move the other finger around it, as if you are using a math compass. It's much easier if you use one finger from each hand.

Add more spice: mix and use colors, try different TwoToJazz brushes when multiplying, explore all the ways you can move your free finger around the fixed finger when doing circular multiplications, turn on the Shadow Effect in your settings, and then bring them to dance! The possibilities are infinite...

Where there is matter, there is geometry. – Johannes Kepler

#replication #multiplication #complexobjectsformsimplerones

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