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There are things for which 1+1 is greater than 2.
TwoToJazz is one of them!

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What is TwoToJazz?

TwoToJazz enables you to create digital art on your iPad not with just one finger, but with two,
ushering in fantastically novel ways of being creative.

With TwoToJazz's calligraphy brush you can create immaculate broad-edge calligraphic brush strokes with the swipe of two fingers on a theoretically infinite canvas that you can comfortably move, scale, and write on:

+ Use index+middle fingers of your dominant hand for most western calligraphy styles.

+ Use thumb+index fingers of your dominant hand for near eastern calligraphy styles.

+ Left-handed? No problem, TwoToJazz will help you out!

Try TwoToJazz's Jazzy Brush 2 using one finger from each hand! You can create an infinite number of arbitrary shapes filled with the color of your choice! These shapes often look like colored cut-out paper. TwoToJazz allows you to move these shapes around, resize, rotate, copy and multiply them, and change their colors, so that you can compose them like a real collage! In fact, TwoToJazz was inspired by Matisse’s Jazz collection of paper cut-out collages. Cutting papers using scissors also takes two fingers! With TwoToJazz, your two fingers can do the most fantastic and fun dances together, and the trace of their footsteps is guaranteed to amaze you!

Use another two-finger brush of TwoToJazz that draws lines stretching from one finger to the other, and you can create fantastic patterns by layering cross-hatch lines like you have never seen before! You literally have digital string art at your finger tips.

Try action painting and your creation may very well resemble a work of Jackson Pollock!

Make sure you also try using one finger from each hand! Doing that I have invented a new class of decorative fonts, called Escada, that look like staircases! And that’s where Escada in Escadapps comes from. Escada means ladder or staircase in Portuguese/Spanish. 

With the Smoky/Bubbly transparent brush of TwoToJazz you can layer colors and build them up in the more traditional way, and yet the result of this brush is very unique and impressionistic. Use it to paint over photos and you can create wonderful multi-media art!

TwoToJazz offers two line brushes for drawing, sketching, and doodling. Nothing exciting or unusual there, except that TwoToJazz allows you to copy/multiply an arbitrary line that you draw into a more complex object that you can then copy and multiply recursively to create complex objects from simpler ones. Please use this feature judiciously as complex objects get heavy and maybe slow to move! Try multiplying by holding one finger from one hand on the screen and moving one finger from your other hand moving around the other finger, like drawing a circle with a math compass. You can create all sorts of fantastic objects using this technique. 

TwoToJazz version 1.1 also introduces a free style drawing tool with which you can draw arbitrary shapes that are automatically closed for you and filled with the current color. This tool can create very nice effects when the line you draw crosses itself in certain ways. Hard to explain, but makes perfect for playing with and exploring the many possibilities. 

Use the dot brush, which comes in both a single-finger and two-finger version, and create your pointillistic paintings. Be your own George-Pier Seurat or Paul Signac!

TwoToJazz offers yet another type of two-finger brush that is just hard to explain! It creates organically looking objects out of partial circles!

One possible use of it is to draw caricatures! I’m sure some of you will come up with your own ideas and styles for using this brush. You can also use it for action painting and create more organically looking line art.

TwoToJazz lets you define your own one-finger brushes! All it takes is drawing a simple object and adding it to the one-finger brush menu, from which you can then select any of your user defined brushes and draw with. You can use this feature to add texture to your drawings and create a more painterly look, especially when using it together with Shadowed Strokes. 

TwoToJazz can add automatic shadow and depth to your creation, and all of a sudden your 2D creation jumps out of your screen. This feature, especially when used with Calligraphy or Line Art will take your creation to yet another dimension!

TwoToJazz allows you to create an infinite number of colors and set their transparency right from your finger tips. To do that, simply select or mix a first color, and then rub one of the 8 main colors to mix it in with the first color. You can also:

+ Save your colors into a color palette.

+ Change the color of your brush or background by choosing a color from your color palette.

+ Change the color of a selected object, or pick its color.

With TwoToJazz's scissors tool you can cut-out shapes from your drawing or background images and in turn use them in your art work. You can now easily create stickers, mixed media collages, photomontages, and more!

TwoToJazz offers a cool animation feature that can bring your creations to life by randomly animating them. You can use this feature as a music visualizer: pick and listen to your favorite music from your iTunes collection while animation is running, and continuously be entertained with different manifestations of your own art. You can create an infinite number of abstract art forms from your animated creations and save high-definition images of them to your Photo Library. You can even save HD videos of your animated art work. And as a bonus, with the touch of a finger you can stop the animation and get to play a tiled memory game constructed from your animated art.

Using Color Animation feature of TwoToJazz, you can create many color variations of your work with the push of a button. Simply configure Color or Gradient variation in the Animation Mode Settings, and then press the Animate button on the toolbar. While in Animate mode, you can save snapshots into your camera roll by pressing the Save button, or automatically capture an HD video of your color animated work.

You can stop the animation mode by touching the canvas, and when you do that you get to play a tiled memory game constructed from your scrambled art.

TwoToJazz allows you to set a background image for your art by selecting a photo from your photo albums, or snapping a photo using iPad's built-in camera.

You can build up your creation using simple layering: store an image of your drawing and later on use it as a background image and continue drawing on it.

With TwoToJazz you can organize your creations into a collection of notebooks. Each of your creations is a live and breathing creation! You can always go back to it and make changes to it, or bring it to dance by animating it. 

TwoToJazz is a free app, with 4 feature bundles that you can unlock by purchasing them via In-App Purchase. In the help/store section of the app you can try these features inside a mini-canvas before unlocking them. The bundles are:

+ Jazzy Brushes

+ Artsy Brushes

+ Advanced Edit and Animate Tools

+ Mix Color

+ Unlock All TwoToJazz Features


The help section of TwoToJazz also provides you direct access to its website and to its YouTube Channel with all TwoToJazz demo and tutorial videos.

And last but not least, share your creations and animations using Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, email, etc. Let's make TwoToJazz spirally viral! 

Check out our new app for iPhone called WizArt. It has many of the features of TwoToJazz, including collage, and animation, but has a smaller set of one-finger only brushes. Because of the smaller size of iPhones, WizArt does not support any two-finger brushes such as the calligraphy brush.

TwoToJazz uses vector graphics, allowing you to resize your brush strokes, and zoom in&out, with no loss of resolution. Because of many other unique features that TwoToJazz offers, we would like to call it The Vector Graphics 2.0 App!

You will be astonished by the beauty of your own creations as rendered on iPad’s brilliant Retina display.

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It's not just touch, aluminum, and glass,
it's the meeting of creativity, genius, and brilliance,
of yours and iPad's.
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About Us
Featured Demo: All about Colors
TwoToJazz is a creativity app for iPad, designed and developed by Vida Vakilotojar. All artwork used on this website are created using TwoToJazz. These include reacreations of art by Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet, and other pieces inspired by works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Henri Matisse, and Jackson Pollock. In the "Scissors and Stickers" piece, some of the TwoToJazz work made into stickers were processed using filter applications. TwoToJazz tune is composed and produced by Amin Assadi.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you about your experience with TwoToJazz, and appreciate your feedback.

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